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Are you ready for 2020? The 2020 Red Dog's Dog Days Has-Beens Program begins June 22nd.

Whether you used to spend your summers sweating with us but have moved away or you heard about Dog Days and wanted to participate, but simply don’t live near Lawrence, we’re happy to announce that the Has-Beens Program will start its 10th year in 2020! 

If you've been following along on our Dog Days Workouts At-Home (Social Distancing version), you have a taste of what our Has-Beens workouts are like.

Throughout the summer, we'll post workouts to the website. These are actual Dog Days workouts. While they won't always align perfectly with what we’ll be doing that day in Lawrence, you'll know that you're getting the full experience (minus the bullhorn and hopefully the heat, depending on where you live).

Just like the rest of us in Lawrence, you'll complete as many of these workouts as you can in your quest to earn the coveted Red Dog’s Dog Days Summer Shirt. Complete enough workouts, and you will have earned your own “Red Dog’s Dog Days” 2020 T-shirt!

Program Details

A few more details on how the program works:
  • Access to real Dog Days workouts posted to the website. Workouts will be posted to the website weekly. We'll send out a reminder to everyone who is registered. 

    We’ll do our best to provide you with enough information to replicate the workout. For example, if we are doing the “zipper” run of 11th/12th/13th/14th Street hills on campus, the description will include an estimated total distance as well as a map, if possible. That way, if our workout includes areas you aren't familiar with, you try to replicate it in your own neighborhood.

  • An easy method to log your participation for each day. Pretty easy stuff - each two weeks, fill out the spreadsheet or email a list of the dates you completed.

  • A 2020 Dog Days T-Shirt. To earn a shirt, you must send in your log to us every two weeks and complete a set number of workouts. This number will be the same as the number the Lawrence participants must complete.
For more information, see the FAQ page or email


Note that all information provided will be used for the Has-Beens Program only and will NOT be shared!
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