Are you ready for Summer?

The Red Dog's Dog Days Has-Beens program begins in june

Whether you used to spend your summers sweating with us but have moved away or you heard about Dog Days and wanted to participate, but simply don’t live near Lawrence, we’re happy to announce the Has-Beens Program.

Throughout the summer, we'll post workouts to the website. These are actual Dog Days workouts. While they won't always align perfectly with what we’ll be doing that day in Lawrence, you'll know that you're getting the full experience (minus the bullhorn and hopefully the heat, depending on where you live).

Just like the rest of us in Lawrence, you'll complete as many of these workouts as you can in your quest to earn the coveted Red Dog’s Dog Days Summer Shirt. Complete enough workouts, and you will have earned your own “Red Dog’s Dog Days” T-shirt!


While these workouts don't always align with what we're doing in Lawrence on any particular day, they are real Red Dog's Dog Days workouts. If you have questions about any of the elements, please email

Daily workouts consist of stretches, exercises, and a run (and sometimes field work). Each workout should take around 30-45 minutes to complete. The workouts might not take as long early in the summer as they do later in the summer, but this will depend on your pace.

You should always be mindful of your health as you work out. If you can't do a particular exercise (say, volleyball jumps), substitute a similar exercise that is more comfortable (say, jumping jacks). 

2024 Workout Info

We will post workouts (Monday-Thursday) and Fun Runs (Saturday) each week. The workouts will be listed below.

Workout Information

Track and Submit Workouts

The best way to submit your workout completion is to email a list of the dates and numbers of workouts (two-a-days anyone?) to or you can track your progress using this spreadsheet. You should save a copy of it so that you can edit it and add all of your workouts. One tab on the spreadsheet has instructions, the other tab is where you will put your name and enter "y" for each workout you complete. The spreadsheet will automatically tabulate your weekly count as well as your total for the summer. You don't have to use this spreadsheet if you don't want to, but you should email me Erik Herron, our Has-Beens coordinator, every two weeks on your progress.

Program Details

A few more details on how the program works:

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Workouts will be posted to the website weekly. We'll send out a reminder to everyone who is registered. We’ll do our best to provide you with enough information to replicate the workout. For example, if we are doing the “zipper” run of 11th/12th/13th/14th Street hills on campus, the description will include an estimated total distance as well as a map, if possible. That way, if our workout includes areas you aren't familiar with, you try to replicate it in your own neighborhood.

Pretty easy stuff - each two weeks, fill out the spreadsheet or email a list of the dates you completed.

To earn a shirt, you must send in your log to us every two weeks and complete a set number of workouts. This number will be the same as the number the Lawrence participants must complete.


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A: In the world of Dog Days, a “Has-Been” is anyone who is no longer in high school. Since Red Dog’s Dog Days originated with the desire to get high school athletes in shape for their Fall sports seasons, Red Dog needed a term for everyone else – including the athletes’ parents and other community members – who began coming over the years, and all of the former high school athletes that return home each summer to participate.

Now a Has-Been is anyone who no longer lives in Lawrence and can attend the in-person workouts.

A: No - this registration form is for the Red Dog's Dog Days Has-Beens program ONLY. To participate in Lawrence, simply show up to one of our scheduled workouts, and check in.

A: No - the Red Dog's Dog Days Has-Been program is designed for Dog Days alumni or others outside of the Lawrence/Douglas County area. If you can't make the in-person workouts due to scheduling conflicts, you are welcome to use the workouts we post for the Has-Beens program to replicate our workouts on your own, but you won't be eligible for the Has-Beens program and can't credit those workouts towards your in-person total.

A: Yes. All participants must have completed the registration process by a set date. Registrations received after this date will be subject to individual approval. Remember, to earn a shirt you have to complete a minimum number of sessions (typically somewhere between 25 and 30). In order to possibly reach that number, you must have started prior to the cut-off date.

A: No – only those workouts that you log AFTER you join the program may count towards your T-shirt total, with the exception of the first two weeks of the program.

A: Simply put, we don’t. Red Dog’s Dog Days’ Has-Beens is based on the honor system. Just like Dog Days in Lawrence, you will only get out of the program what you put into it!

A: Yes. You can complete the workout twice in one day, just like in Lawrence. This is ONLY true for weekday workouts, however. Saturday Morning Runs can not be counted twice.

A: While Red Dog loves seeing people exercise and get healthy, the Has-Beens program is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible – which means that you only get credit for these workouts. If you need to modify the workout due to health limitations or your current fitness level, that’s fine! Do what you can. For example, if you have a condition that states that you can’t do sit-ups, then replace that with crunches. Can’t run a full mile yet? Walking is fine! The goal is to simply do everything in the spirit of the workout