Red Dog's Dog Days is a free fitness program open to all members of the Lawrence, KS community.

If you haven't attended a workout before, joining us is simple. There's no cost to participate. Simply show up for any of the scheduled workouts and look for the check-in spot. During the Summer and Fall workout seasons you can earn a T-Shirt!


Summer 2024 T-Shirts: To earn a Summer shirt you will need to complete 20 workouts, which can include Saturday runs. For a Saturday Fun Run shirt, you will need to complete 5 runs. If you are interested in sponsoring the T-Shirts, let Bev know.

Has-Beens 2024 Workouts started in June. See the Has-Beens page for more details.

Summer 2024 Information – Beginning Saturday, 6/1

We will be at Lawrence High School for weekday workouts and at the Lied Center of Kansas for Saturday Fun Runs. Summer Dog Days are Monday through Thursday at 6am and 6pm and Saturday Fun Runs at 7am.

Those of you that live outside of Lawrence, and are unable to actually attend due to distance, can register on our Has-Beens page and earn a t-shirt. Weekly workouts will be posted as well.

Monday through Thursday

Saturday "Fun Run"


For Summer Workouts, you need to complete 20 workouts for a T-shirt. Remember, you can do Two-a-Days and Saturday Fun Runs to get to your count.

For Saturday Fun Runs, you need to complete 5 Saturday runs for a Saturday T-shirt (sleeveless).


Red Dog's Dog Days is generally held rain or shine. But:

  • If there has been lightning within 20 miles within half an hour of any workout start time, we will cancel that workout.
  • Weekday 6 a.m. morning workouts, if it is raining hard half an hour before start time, we will cancel that workout.
  • Weekday 6 p.m. evening workouts, if it is a light rain, we will work out as planned.
  • Saturday Fun Runs, if it is raining hard half an hour before start time, we will most likely cancel the workout.

In the event of lightning or other last-minute conditions that require us to switch locations or cancel a workout, notification will communicated via the Red Dog's Dog Days mobile text alert system. You can sign up using the form to the right, or you can text DOGDAYS to (833) 683-0156.

We want everyone to be safe as well as healthy!